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With Marc Babarit

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Balance: go up - go down / go down - go up, change point of view to feel the marsh better

"The Mind of Place" ("L'Esprit des Lieux")
Domaine de Chamarande, Essonnes, France

Exhibition from July 3rd to the end of December, 2011

"The Mind of Place", it is to favour dialogue in the course of seasons between contemporary creation, built heritage and environmental environment. By the realisation of rooms on site, the artists try to "live in the Domaine and are confronted with its history. The Mind of places also allows to enrich the collection of the Fund of contemporary art (FDAC) of the Essonne. You will find in the park creations of Dominique Angel, Pedro Cabrita Reis, Alain Declercq, Marie Denis and of Donuts or else of Philippe Ramette, Bert Theis and Elmar Trenkwalder. This year, two artists invested the areas of the Domaine: Gilles Bruni the Marsh, and Laura Tixier the vegetable garden."

Opening July 3rd, 2011

Musical Performance of Amaury Bourget [ + ]
« Parcours d’eau » of Seamus Farrell [ + ]
Géo-poetic reading by Nathalie Blanc [ + ]


Dates : February-June, 2011

Situation : marsh of the park of Chamarande, close to Juine

Materials: existent peat of the digging of the pool, taken back up from water in the dug party, faggots of willow trees coming from the park, ganivelles to châtaigner.

Size: implement about 45 m: 15,50 m of diameter for the pool and 15 m of diameter for the heap 30 m. for the ramp, and about 140 m of way.

Collaboration: Fernando and Davy of the firm Bonnin Pascal, animator heritage and landscape and Cecil, loaded with mission garden and landscape of Chamarande; Alexander and Patrick, gardeners du Parc; Boris, trainee in Chamarande; the Kéopse group (Luke, William, Luke, Mohammed, Yannick and Gisèle).


As part of a more environmental management of the park of Chamarande, digging must be accomplished in the marsh. This new topography favours the development of small more humid ecosystems, to see submerged, shelters of new plant and animal kinds. As a counterpoint, I offered to use rubbles to create one hillock which becomes a belvedere linked up with a pool by a ramp, a manner of working on the reversal produced by such development: the dry / humid report, the plus/le less, the hollow plein/le On the one hand they dig, they extend a marshy zone so that she stays in water to favour the aquaphile life, of other one they establish, they stack up lands in the order of arrival to construct the mound, a zone which will dry up progressively indeed choosing the vegetation which grows back and letting express itself of before buried kernels …

With "Balance " I wonder about points of view that they can have on the marsh, since the mound, dominating point of view, embracing look a group, vegetation surroundings, irrespective, while in the hollow space where finds a place to live the pool, among plants, we are in direct contact with the individual, of smells, of movements of insects or birds, we are in the sensory, with the things which constitute this marsh, of details...

This manner of spreading my honest practice an economy of places, pulling left local dynamics by offering a bet in particular value of the space according to critical environmental reading.

[ + ] Balance