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With Marc Babarit

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French Version

The Waste Land CARBOLUX,between desolation and  renaissance, to install a vegetal flow and carry waste, a manner to go into the ambiant recycling and to conjure the jinx

Artist's residence of Artois Comm, Béthune, Pas-de-Calais
On an industrial waste land, on the village of Gosnay,



In situ:
site taken into account, about 300 x 300 m -
Cast about 163 m of long, and between 2 and 43 m of width

Devices years 1&2
A plant casting was covered with firewood, with scabbards of protection rabbits and roebuck, of abandoned bottles and of let us break of brick and concrete in the west axle - the ancient Carthusian monastery of the women of Gosnay is of the waste land Carbolux, between Emmaüs Artois and. 7 panels on both sides with plan of the site and centrifugal views put down on perimetre A bet in light of the environmental installation by means of solar lamps, as way of revealing possible zones of remaining pollutions after the cleanup of the waste land Carbolux 2007-temporary Exhibition in n°10 of the ancient city of the Castle of the Ladies, composed of 10 stones (among which exotic one bringing back); 1 bundle of firewood of products of size; 13 documentary evidences (11 bushes, 1 bundle of firewood of found bushes torn off or died on the site in July / August, 1 bowl of ribbon of construction site); 1 group of photographs 30x45 cm and 50x75 cm. 2008-temporary Exhibition on the ground floor of Porterie of the ancient city of the Castle of the Ladies, taking back the previous exhibition augmented by new documents; a poetic performance of Nathalie Blanc; a sound installation of Amaury Bourget, a photographic assemblage of Medhi

Let us break (production for BTP) of the firm Vibromat in Noyelles-les-Vermelles and Chimneys Philippe in Béthune; rubbles of the waste reception centre of Béthune, via the sand quarry STB in front of the site of the Carthusian monastery; firewood (bushes and branches) of the planting of EPF on the flat slag heap; scabbards of protection rabbits and roebucks on aforementioned planting; bottles left in aforementioned planting; planting in about 2007 850 bushes coming from nursery gardens of Haendries: Buddléia, argousiers, olive trees of Bohemia, wartlike birches, willows marsault, brooms with brooms, furzes, prunelliers, eglantines, male and blood dogwoods, lantane viburnums and obier, spindle trees of Europe; in 2008, by CEDATRA of Ruitz with about 230 bushes as a supplement to previous, introducing between other one of the alder, of the black elder, of the common willow and of the troëne.

Collaboration years 1 and 2
Arnaud sergeant, Graphic designer; Arnaud Debève, stage design of the first exhibition; Didier and Natacha Gaujon, Christophe Blondeel, Sebastien Coppin, Anita Faille, Samuel Gaujon and Didier Noël de l' Association This manages!; Helen, Sandra and Armelle, trainees to CAUE 62; the pupils and the teachers of the primary school of Gosnay; Hervé, Jérôme and Romuald, Yves, Laurent and Pascal de TTS; CEDATRA of Ruitz with Eric and his team; Rogier Potier; Teddy and Philippe de la Sablière of STB; services transport of the waste of Artois Comm.; Olivier Pecqueur of SIG of Artois Comm.; Michel Abdellah, eco-guard of Artois Comm.; Jacques barber, joiner; SEPTEMBER for they against collages of documents about panels and AGELIA for the printing of documents; the club of history of Beuvry for the loan of supervision; Alain Aubry, Philippe Jourdon and Clement Bruni for the assistant to the realisation of the solar lamps; Michel Georgieff, architect landscapist; Nathalie Blanc, sociologist and artist; Amaury Bourget, artist sound fitter; Medhi Hanaï, photographer and taker of sounds; «the Apple to make everything» and Ann Giraud, critic of art.


Having registered in a large programme of rehabilitation and of requalification of the site in escheat, the presence of the artist opens the way to a new occupation of soil. Gilles Bruni inaugurates a respectful exploration of the places which settles on the understanding of the intimate story of the site and leads to an energising plastic proposal.
Organised around geological, anthropological and technical researches, the scattered prospecting of the artist, relieved by associative, professional or amateur partners, allow him to federate progressively a fleet of homogeneous interventions which will give form to the work of art.

Two supplementary areas allow to arrest the constituting resources of creative process: the environmental installation itself and exhibition in The Carthusian monastery.
This movement, melted in a total process of recycling, cleans up and softens the waste land Carbolux, traumatised in terms of ecology and of collective memory. The indications of physical and moral detriment are recorded in the exhibition of Porterie.
To regenerate inside, the waste land finds so the premises of a taken and confident, healthy allocation; little just like the enchanting constellation produced by the nocturnal blossoming of 150 solar lamps.

On the eve of the équinoxe of autumn, this ultimate energy readjustment works as a possible metaphor of resurgence, a kind of ignition of fires, celebrated at festivities of The Carthusian monastery of the Ladies.

Extracts of Anne Giraud’s Text “Chemin Faisant”, Newspaper of the Carthusian monastery of the Women in Gosnay,
September, 2008 - n°3



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