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With Marc Babarit

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French Version

The barque,
lthe clothes, facing the lakel

"Les archers de la Nymphe"
Garden of Arnaud and Nathalie de la Cotte
Saint-Lumine-de-Coutais, Loire-Atlantique, France.


Date: Spring, 2003

Situation: The installation of Longue-vue-la-masure in the garden of Nathalie and Arnaud de la Cotte

Dimensions: 11 - 15 m of open sea x 24 m of long.

Materials: Small boat coming from the installation of Paul-Armand Gette «of the immobility of trip» in the Abbey church of Saint-Philbert-de-Grand-Lieu, linen, stakes, rope, clothes pegs, mowing of the site.

Participations: Arnaud, Nathalie, Noémie, Léobin and Bérénice de la Cotte; the garage Beillevere de Saint-Lumine for the transport of the small boat

Photograph: A picture prepared for the edition of the newsletter n°1 by "Les archers de la Nymphe".

A small panel for Noémie de la Cotte: 60x80 cm.


Some sliddings

When Arnaud de la Cotte solicited me, I was first rather crafty, everything in my affair - the installation led to the Hovel for some years facing the lake is still not ended. Lack of available funds certainly But insistence of helping Arnaud, plan made its way And these slidings expensive to Paul-Armand Gette occurred: the garden became the theatre of speculations where we already imagined some prodigies. Rethinking at previous stages of my plan I offered to Arnaud to bring back the small boat whom had used In P.-A. G. for «of the immobility of trip» in the Abbey church of Saint Philbert. This loan signed my membership in the plan of "les archers de la Nymphe (the «bowmen of the nymph)..

The small boat should be installed with the aim of the home, the lake in bottom of stage. The craft so came to reactivate my previous job, rewarding of a first sliding.

Second sliding. To notice without having air of it the life of the home during my interventions. I was inevitably impregnated by these "tides" the witness of which I was; meteors sometimes enlivened the stage, the lake fidgeting every time of wind, clouds, rain At this moment there, my memory links curiously Nathalie spreading its linen, the raised arms, cloths banging in the wind…

History is simple; the parallel with stay of In P.-A. G. to Saint Philibert also, Arnaud had recalled me again and again the episode of the tincture of the sheet intended to dress the nymph.

This report in the linen returns me in the preparation of this dress for Fanny (always immobile trip), the nymph of instant…

Scenario for sheets of the nymphs where how we are led in small boat…

Nathalie transports the linen, deposits it on wooden spans or on grass, puts it down on the small boat, spreads it, picks it up, folds it…

Sheets, manipulated, in cork, folded well or in the wind, decline the job of the laundry worker. The landscape is rural. The lake already leaves the place in the grasses which announce a state change. These arranged sheets here and there seem to narrate us an unlikely trip, left on the way before skimming grasses or banging in the wind above the small boat... Would the air of anything the laundry worker be a nymph?

Gilles Bruni, avril 2003


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