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For a Landscape of Water Publics Benches The Fallen Tree Collateral Gains At the end ot the tunnel / Grotesque / Documentary The Sand Quarry in the Mangrove Swamp The Landing Place Dialogue on Rainy Days The Carter The Foutain The Waste land Carbolux The Camp of l'Ermitage The Barque Long-viiew-la-Masure 14 Benches face à face Balance The Home of Alders

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With Marc Babarit

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"La cache, de l'autre côté de la route, dans la friche",
Symposium d'art nature 2016, du 22 septembre au 2 octobre dans le parc écologique du Millénaire à l'Université de Moncton au Nouveau-Brunswick (Canada). Dix jours d'art public et de conférences autour du thème de l'aménagement du territoire par les arts et l'écologie. Une initiative du Département d'arts visuels et du Département de sociologie de l'Université de Moncton, de la Galerie d'art Louise Reuben-Cohen et de l'association acadienne des artistes professionnel.le.s du Nouveau-Brunswick.
Jeudi 22 septembre au dimanche 2 octobre.
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The Landing,
Antigonish du 24 aoüt au 15 septembre 2016, réalisation d'une installation artistique paysagère sur un espace de Antigonish Landing.
"Antigonight" september 16th-17th  2016.
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né de l'initiative du PETR - Pays du Sundgau, STUWA, le parcours Art et Nature du Sundgau, est inauguré en 2015 avec 6 artistes contemporains qui ont investi 7 communes de ce territoire du sud de l'Alsace. En 2016, la seconde édition a rassemblé 7 artistes qui ont investi 7 nouveaux villages avec des propositions en écho à la nature, aux cultures et au patrimoine local.
"Parcours Art et Nature 2016", Village de Bisel, Haut-Rhin, France.
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grotesque 2: an underground landscape,
participation in the edition 2014 of the Contemporary Course of the City of Fontenay-le-Comte. Having centered on the resonance between heritage and contemporary art, demonstration institutes a dialogue between today's works of art and the urban area which welcomes them: Home Chevolleau, Museum of the Vendée of Fontenay, Home Billaud, n ° 22, place Belliard.
"Contemporary Course 2014" ("Parcours Contemporain 2014"), Citty of Fontenay-le-Comte, Vendée, France.
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In the garden of the house of the tale,
to close three working years, the storytellers of the Laboratory 3, accompanied by Abbi Patrix and the artist-landscapist Gilles Bruni, prepared two parties when the worlds of India and of Land Art meet.
"Let us cultivate our garden! #2" (
"Cultivons notre jardin ! #2"), The Home of Tale, Chevilly-Larue, Val de Marne, France.
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Some niches for being immersed into the wood of mapple trees,
participation in event “Créations sur-le-champ” 2013, which takes place this year from 16 till 20 October 2013 for the seventh year.
The place where takes place event, orchard of Mr Michel Robert, “the Pavilion of the apple” of the north side, located at the foot of the Mountain of Mont-Saint-Hilaire.

"Creations here and now" ("Créations-sur-le-champ 2013"), Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Québec, Canada
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The encampment into the waste land of the city of the electricians
two years of residence to occupy the uncultivated site. An encampment becomes established, makes tents-workshops, clotheshorse where hang dyed sheets, "lcarin" (little buildings into miner village) transformed into drier...
Artist Residency Artois Comm. Ciity of the Electricians, City of Bruay-la Buissière, Pas-de-Calais, France
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vegetal ARRANGeMENT 2: The laboratory, in collaboration with Arnaud de la Cotte, and the Amaury Bourget's participation, 10 stations realised into the castle of Clisson.
artist residency at the Departmental Castle of Clisson as part of a second year (2013), of organised residence by the Department of Loire-Atlantique at the Castle of Clisson, France
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THE ROTTING of wood (the heap of rotting wood), 
artistic device accomplished in an undergrowth in link with the plan of management of the park and the naturalist observations.
As part of a residence for year 2011 / Domaine de Chamarande, Essonnes, France
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Vegetal ARRANGeMENT, collaboration with Arnaud de la Cotte, 11 stations realised in the castle of Clisson.
As part of a residence organised by the Department of the Loire-Atlantique at the Castle of Clisson for the year 2012 / Clisson, Loire Atlantique, France

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four Shelters the break in the Kollebloem, artistic device constructed in a vegetable farm for offering a way of circulating in the ambient landscape.
Arpia 2011, Art with Landscape / Sint-Lievens-Esse, Herzele, Belgique
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Balance: go up - go down / go down - go up, change point of view to feel the marsh better,
artistic device realised into the marsh lin link with the plan of management of the park and the naturalist observations.
As part of a residence for the year 2011/ Domaine de Chamarande, Essonnes, France.
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Flowing, sounds, memories, reflections, names, words, harvest for a landscape of water, device conceived as a progressive installation for the wash house of the centre, she announces a series of interventions during 2011 in the city around the Grande Maine river
November - December 2010 and March - Aprill 2011, exhibition  in the  Centre du Lavoir, Les Herbiers, Vendée, France
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Public Benches, artistic device realised in the vegetable garden park of Moutonnerie in collective with Infüsoire : Magali Babin, Laëtitia Bourget, Nathalie Blanc, Gilles Bruni, Philippe Brioude, Amaury Bourget
"C'est dans ta nature - l'Art en partage dans les jardins partagés 2009-2010" (It is in your nature - the Art in distribution in the shared gardens) / Nantes, district of Malakoff-Dalby, France
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Folowing on the ground the fallen tree : continue to  grow, collaboration with Galaad Prigent, installation réalised in the  park of the museum of archeology of Torre and the park close to Villa Romana
Humus Park 2010 / Pordenone, provincia de Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italie
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collateral gains, conceived as a plan for Meilleraie, on the village of Varades, in the form of device crossing the ancient smithy in the reception hall and the patio of "l'Atelier".
Praise for Difference / Nantes, France
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At the end of the tunnel/ Grotesque / Documentary, a tripartiite piece in three places, this project combines two installations and an exhibition, in touch with the karstic history of limestone plateaus and of troglodyte dwellings, agriculture and industry.
WorldWatchers 3 / Saint-Cirq Lapopie, France
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The sand pit in the mangrove, between survival and hope, a dugout to bring mangroves and to disseminate them, a way of regenerating the environment
WorldWatchers 2 / Douala, Cameroon
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The Landing Place: construction of a boat and shelter waiting for the tide
Sculpture Sackville '08 / Sackville, Canada
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Conversation on Rainy Days : two fountains...
Les Environnementales 2008 / Jouy-en-Josas, France
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The Crater, in career, facing the castle
Meetings Art Natures 2007 / Puy de Dôme, France      
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THE Fontain, to recycle the shed for bringing water and preserve it
Histoires d'eaux-Histoires d'art 2007 / Gréoux-les-Bains, France
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The Waste Land CARBOLUX, between desolation and  renaissance, to install a vegetal flow and carry waste, a manner to go into the ambiant recycling and to conjure the jinx
Residence Artois Comm. / Gosnay, France
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The camp of “the Hermitage”: between apparent calm of the underwood and resurgence of an agitated past, a way of recycling the history
Residence Artois Comm. / Beuvry, France

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The barque, the clothes, facing the lake
Garden of Arnaud and Nathalie de la Cotte / Saint-Lumine-de-Coutais, France
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Longue-vue-la-Masure : in winter, in summer, face to the lake, the garden, the house...
Arnaud et Nathalie de la Cotte's command / Saint-Lumine-de-Coutais, France
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14 benches face to face, on both sides of the hedge, to see itself, to speak to each other, to exchange…
Résidence au lycée Rieffel / Saint-Herblain, France
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Balance: a track in the uncultivated internal moat at the beginning of the spring and a garden in priest's kitchen garden in the humid external moat for summer
"Les lieux révélés", Blain, Loire Atlantique, France
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The home of alders:
do the basin up to find the bed of the stream
"Kunstsommer 2002" / Gehren, Allemagne
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