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With Marc Babarit

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French Version

some niches for being immersed into the wood of mapple trees

[Des niches pour s'immerger dans le bois d'érable

October 2013

Participation in event “Créations sur-le-champ” 2013, which takes place this year from 16 till 20 October 2013 for the seventh year.
The place where takes place event, orchard of Mr Michel Robert, “the Pavilion of the apple” of the north side, located at the foot of the Mountain of Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada.

Location: a small wood of maple close to an orchard

Dates: between 15 and October 19th, 2013.

Materials: stones, stocks of larch, stems of osier, dead larch branches harvested,
recooked iron thread.

Device: 44 niches constructed around a body sat on stocks or stones of the site,
and distributed in the undergrowth, on both sides by a way.

Dimensions of in situ: an ovoid site contained in a rectangle about 100 meters of long by 30 meters of width. Every niche: about 1,50 meter of top by 0,60-0,90 meter of depth and 0,50-0,70 meter of width.

Participation : Suzanne, Denis and André.


The idea of living in the space is one of my concerns. Every space is charged with different elements; in situ, I explore them then work them to create a symbiosis in this space. For this plan I went for a walk in the wood and I noticed that the lines of trees bring us all towards the vertical; but, to make in another way, I decided to notice the landscape of another point of view. Having found no place for sitting that a stump on the soil, I decided to test horizontality by constructing niches above stocks and stones which I found as envelopes of a potential user who is then more near the soil, with a vision more brought closer. There is something that is neglected at the level of the soil. Every site has its ambiences, niches are turned in various directions…

These small architectures give an availability to sit down and to "live" the forest, and that the forest "lives" in us in its turn… It is from the order of an immersion.
Quantity of these small works distributed in the undergrowth willy-nilly does not have to be seen right away. They are rather perceptible or just between outlines, in the order of an appearance which can suggest or give the feeling of a presence (one lives in the forest, she notices us). It is irrefutably linked to this body shape which is the model, the matrix.

In the enlightened part of the forest (under the sun) one perceive a part lighter although with more marked shadows. Whereas in the less exposed part, niches seem to us closer between them and accentuate the heaviness of the space, as though they became dense, strange and troubling creatures which emerge from the soil.

Gilles Bruni, october 2013, Mont-Saint-Hilaire


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