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With Marc Babarit

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French Version

The Crater, in career, facing the castle

Meetings Art Natures 2007
Tourist information office of Sancy
Carrier of Rabachot in Murol, Puy de Dôme, France 


Context: Closed Career, crater discovered by the working of pouzzolane

Materials: Rest of secondary chimney, water, volcanic stones, pouzzolane, volcanic bombs, vegetation pioneer, stones of building…

Device: Form of crater in amphitheatre opened on the castle, orientated is west, cup-shaped basin filled with water of 6 m of diameter, fan of volcanic bombs on about X m ², four castings of stony stones of building.

Dimensions: Contained in a trapezium (or quadrilateral) about 36 m in the East, 60 m in the north, 50 m on the West and 45 m in the south – depth maximum: 0,60 m. Height maximum: 6 m.

Collaboration: David, Natacha and Martin (helpers college of higher education of art of Clermont-Ferrand), Steven and Sylvie (Rest of Baladin), Michel Montal, David X and the assistant of the team of the Technical Services of the City council of Murol, without counting the occasional help of campers of the camping.

Photographs: At raised hand, since a stool and a gondola in about 15 m of height on June 28th, 2007, also since June 26th for the ambient documents - orientated main Point of view is west since the gondola, in dived. Mitigated time, covered with short sunny spells.


What hit me by arriving on the site of the career of Rabachot it is the platitude which had not returned me the picture which I knew, then the mineral nakedness with this cryptic bomb in the form of menhir planted in the decor since thousands of years an omnipresent, haunting red colour…

In rear

Dryness and heat of places inherit from this volcanic material which is put in dense cloud by the working of career. Sit down on the edges of the "crater", be allowed to go to this past which re-emerges …

There is irrefutably a visual relation with the located castle on the hill. The "crater", since it is as it that I called it, opens westward, towards a castle which stands on its hill, proud, imposing, predominant everything, without concession any for the ambient landscape…


There, in front of me, the crater, rest of the working of the career of pouzzolane, black, chaotic, hollow in negative of this stage which takes place on the West. Positive and negative, order and chaos, the constructing and material two oppose and complement each other meeting between an environmental reality and my volcanic imagination…

These small hills which surround me are therefore so much of volcanic cônelets which organise this landscape of the afforested head Third landscape of agricultural abandoning …


One decides on it, the castle planted on its hill will become this mineral head, frozen material which will appear from view since rise towards the crater. Opened to this Western show, the semicircular auditorium of the crater will conceal in its hollow a hole of water, put in abyss, reflexion of time…

Gilles Bruni


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