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For a Landscape of Water Publics Benches The Fallen Tree Collateral Gains At the end ot the tunnel / Grotesque / Documentary The Sand Quarry in the Mangrove Swamp The Landing Place Dialogue on Rainy Days The Carter The Foutain The Waste land Carbolux The Camp of l'Ermitage The Barque Long-viiew-la-Masure 14 Benches face à face Balance The Home of Alders

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With Marc Babarit

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June 2021

For the 2021 session of the Land Art des Balcons de l'Aigoual course, Gilles Bruni designed and created "Réseau", in agreement with the Cévennes National Park. Réseau plunges us into the heart of the essential principle of what makes forests, the intertwining and interconnectivity of species that form such a rich system. The forest is a place in constant rebalancing. The "networks" which constitute it are bridges in which energy circulates so that the whole can subsist and make a "forest".
Gilles Bruni's work here sheds light on these links inherent in this complex and fragile environment, the installation thus conveys the message of the vulnerability of this balance.

Les balcons de l’Aigoual 2021,
La filature du Mazel (Val d'Aigoual)

[ + Read the note of the installation and see pictures ]

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"PASSAGES (D'un monde à l'autre)"
Passages (From one world to another)
July 2020

Gilles Bruni in partnership with 'Annecy Paysages' is at La Ferme de Chosal from July 3rd until the end of the month for a collaborative work around an art and nature installation "From one world to another" called at the end "Passages" by the artist.
During a visit Gilles Bruni noticed the presence of stone pebbles in the nearby rural path, a pebble is a stone-being that saw the flow of water. These pebbles are for him as actors and users of Chosal, passing through. These mark the life of the farm in one way or another. Chosal is the fruit of a multitude of presences, that gives her identity.

Land Art Department of the ESAT Farm of Chosal

'Annecy Paysages 2020'
La Ferme de Chosal / Copponex (outside Annecy)


[ + Read the note of the installation and see pictures ]

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"Circum lacustre,
Pérégrinations au lac de Grand-Lieu"

Lake circum,
Peregrinations to the Grand-Lieu Lake,
July 2016 to 2017

Online film directed by Arnaud de la Cotte

An artistic project by Gilles Bruni filmed and directed by Arnaud de la Cotte for the association l'Esprit du place in 2017. The subtitle, Pérégrinations au lac de Grand-Lieu, July 2016 to 2017, marks this long time of the artist's follow-up during his residence around the lake. For a year, from season to season, accompanied by the association l’Esprit du Lieu, Gilles Bruni took the lake and its marshes, sometimes crossing it, often bypassing it, to find out more about this place which is not open to the visitor. Gilles Bruni went to meet human and non-human riparian residents to forge his own experience of the place and produce artistic forms that he is not so familiar with, such as mask-hide or hybrid sculptures between the animal and the plant. Gilles Bruni brought out the figure of the 'Grande Bloute', a 'mask-cache' that emerged from his encounter with Grand-Lieu.

La Margirondière
June 2019

The association l'Éclaircie has repeatedly affirmed the importance of cultural openness, we are convinced that being a citizen means having access to all forms of culture. In this context, an artist residency project was initiated at the end of 2017 with artist Gilles Bruni.
It will run from 2018-2019. This action is carried out in partnership with the Jardin de Verre, the Education Nationale and today with the École d'art, which welcomes us to its premises.
At the art school in Cholet, impasse des Charuelles, from May 5 to 25, Gilles Bruni presents "Itinérance", installed with the collaboration of the team that is now accompanying him in Margirondière and the participation of students from the school's preparatory academic Art school.

June 14 will be the highlight of his residence, a time of meeting with the public will be organized on the site, near the lake.

Opening Friday, June 4, 2019 at 16H, departmental road 157, axis Maulévrier - La Tessoualle
(Verdon lake edge - Parking at 47 ° 00'09.65''N - 0 ° 48'26.14''W)
From 14h to 20h explicaive visits of the work by the ariste and the employees; 18h thanks; 18:30 animation concert with DES LIONS POUR DES LIONS.

[ + Read the note of the installation ]

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Le Patio :
des rumeurs d’un naufrage. La forme d'un campement (au cœur du Lycée)
March 2019

A residence at Lycée Notre-Dame de Challans, from September 2018 to March 2019.

The project implemented in the patio is evolutive, progressive, like a long performance nourished by the reactions and exchanges with the people
of students crossed, solicited, or in the framework of collaborations with those of Plastic Arts. The project was fuelled by "rumours" that circulated during the autumn, materials - "scraps" - recovered from the school, punctuating the camp, giving rise to a feeling of "shipwreck", a situation of abandonment: an uninhabited place, perceived as inhospitable. This culminated in the effect of the storm that brought several tents to the ground, damaging or washing them away, pushing the organization to rebuild somewhat on site. With the last phase, after the winter holidays, the latent photographic project became a new concern, adopting a voyeuristic posture; this one presents the site of common points of view for students from their classrooms, arranged around the patio. A small publication planned with the Visual Arts teachers should make it possible to restore the spirit and adventure of this camp that has emerged and is taking place in the heart of the Lycée.

Friday, March 15, a presentation of the work of the residence is scheduled at 17h, at Lycée Notre-Dame, Challans, 2 rue du Bois Fossé.

[ + Read the note of the installation ]

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Residency in Hestercombe, somerset, UK
"Tel un jardin naturel" & "Un abri dans l'ermitage"
July 2018

French artist Gilles Bruni produces contextual based landscape works. He is particularly interested in the ecology of a place, its inhabitants and their history. He often, therefore, builds collaborations and partnerships with others to make work happen. His art works and field activities have taken him beyond France to Germany, the USA, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Austria and Venezuela. We are delighted that this residency will be his first in the UK.
At Hestercombe he is drawn to the Landscape Garden and the potential restoration of an eighteenth century ‘Hermitage’. From 9th July he will become Hestercombe’s own ‘Hermit’; building a shelter and reacting with visitors. Not only does this work relate to the history of Hestercombe but for the artist it also resonates with today’s migrant crisis.

The hermit's walk: on Thursday 12th July and Wednesday 18th July, Gilles will lead a walk to some of the hidden sites of Hestercombe.

A blog to follow the time in the Hermitage site: https://hestercombe.com/thegallery/

[ + Read the note of the installation at West Combe ]

[ + Read the note of the installation in Hermitage site ]

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"Le pavillon des marches"

The uses of the place: artist's residence.
In residence since autumn, 2017, the artist has surveyed the Domaine de Kerguéhennec. Observing the various uses of places, his steps lead him to the meeting of the fishermen, the joggers, the walkers, the mushroom pickers, the art lovers, the staffs of the center of art, the neighbors, the visitors …
Every meeting acts as a revelation of the landscape: a old system of irrigation is brought to light here, a ditch testifies of the old agricultural activity there, trees fallen during storms become the places of an important biodiversity, in it under wood the light becomes green … Fed by his first meetings, Gilles Bruni begins a performance: a wandering through the woods and valleys, presented to the Meetings in gardens in 2017. then he pulls a protocol of work and creation which he activates in the course of individual walking realized with people from the town of Bignan.
Through these walking, the emotion and the knowledge of the places of each train a domain for the multiple faces. In the Detached house of walking (Le Pavillon des Marches), Gilles Bruni shares the tracks of these 'artpentages': noted routes, texts, plans, photos are so many elements allowing to feed the experience of the place and to understand the work in the course of an artist in residence.

Within the the time of the exhibitions presented from July 1th till November 4th, 2018 to the Domaine de Kerguéhennec, The detached house of walking will be open to the public.

[ +  Visuel du pavillon]  [ +  Visuel marche] [ +  Visuel détail]

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Since december the 9th 2017 the exhibition circulates around the lake, it restores the residence organized by 'l'Esprit du Lieu'.
During one year, by season in season, accompanied by the association 'l'Esprit du Lieu', Gilles Bruni
has surveyed the lake and his swamps to be inspired by it and create artistic and vegetable forms. It is the synthesis of this work which he presents us today.
Médiathèque de Saint-Léger-les-Vignes : 9 - 22 décembre 2017 ; Collège Julie-Victoire-Daubié à Saint-Philbert de Grand-Lieu : 12 - 26 janvier 2018  ;
Collège Olympe de Gouges à Sainte-Pazanne : 29 janvier - 23 février 2018 ;
La Maison du Lac de Grand-Lieu à Bouaye : 24 février - 11 mars 2018 ;
Le clos des buis à Saint-Lumine-de-Coutais : 13 - 18 mars 2018 ;
Lycée Notre Dame à Challans : 21 mars - 25 avril 2018 ;
et le site de l'Abbatiale à Saint-Philbert-de-Grand-Lieu : 25 avril - 18 juin 2018.

[ + Read the note of the installation ]

  The book 'Circum-Lacustre'
: Editor website

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"A la rencontre de la Grande-bloute"
October 2017
Residency 'l'Esprit du Lieu' 2016-2017, a performance playing episodes of the peregrination of the mask-hiding place around the lake of Big Place
During one year, Gilles Bruni 
has surveyed the lake de 'Grand-Lieu' and his swamps, sometimes crossing it, often by-passing it, to know more about this place which shies away from the too much pressed visitor. Gilles Bruni went to meet human local residents and non-human local residents to build up to itself his own experience of the place and produce artistic forms which are not so familiar to him  as the mask-hiding place or the hybrid sculptures between the animal and the vegetable. During this artistic ride in the swamp, Gilles Bruni will stage the appearance of the 'Grande Bloute', mask-hinding place which arose from its meeting with Grand-Lieu.
Meet the 'Grande Bloute', artistic ride on swamps, on Saturday, October 14th at 3:30 am
, Locality la Tuilerie / Saint-Lumine-de-Coutais.
Samedi 14 octobre vers 16h15.

Video on line 2017/10/17:

Following the residency, the blog :

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"Refuge : pour préserver nos récoltes, sécher, transformer, ranger, conserver, présenter"
September 2017
Artist's residence Artois Comm.
Cité des Electriciens, Town of Bruay la Buissière, Pas-de-Calais, France

The Cité des Électriciens opens its doors for the Heritage Days, on September 16 and 17, 2017. A preview presentation of the Refuge, installation of Gilles Bruni in the 'carin' of artists, where the flora of wasteland alongside new productions (papers, tissues, plants).

[ + Read note of the installation ]

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"A travers bois et vallons, vagabondage"

June 2017
Residency Kerguéhennec 2017-2018, a performance in the form of a walk involving an audience in the Domaine of Kerguéhennec, during the "Rendez-vous aux Jardins" days, 1st weekend of June.

Saturday 3 and Sunday 4, June.

[ + Read note of the installation ]

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"La cache, de l'autre côté de la route, dans la frichE"

September 2016
ymposium of Art Nature 2016, from september the 22th to october the 2nd in the "parc écologique du Millénaire" University of Moncton, New-Brunswick (Canada). Dix jours d'art public et de conférences autour du thème de l'aménagement du territoire par les arts et l'écologie. Une initiative du Département d'arts visuels et du Département de sociologie de l'Universtité de Moncton, de la Galerie d'art Louise Reuben-Cohen et de l'association acadienne des artistes professionnel.le.s du Nouveau-Brunswick.

September the 22th to october the 2nd.

[ + Read note of the installation ]

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"The Landing"

September - october 2016
Antigonish from august the 24th to september the 15th 2016, réalisation d'une installation artistique paysagère sur un espace de Antigonish Landing et présentation lors de la manifestation Antigonight les 16 et 17 septembre 2016.

Installation from august the 24th to october the 31th.

[ + Read note of the installation ]

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"STUWA 2016"

March - May 2016
From a proposition of the PETR - Pays du Sundgau, STUWA, le parcours Art et Nature du Sundgau, est inauguré en 2015 avec 6 artistes contemporains qui ont investi 7 communes de ce territoire du sud de l'Alsace. En 2016, la seconde édition a rassemblé 7 artistes qui ont investi 7 nouveaux villages avec des propositions en écho à la nature, aux cultures et au patrimoine local.


Opening sunday june the 5th.

[ + Read note of the installation ]

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already passed

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Sphinx Thebes festival

Participation to the exhibiition curated by Dores and Rose Sacquegna in the Conference Center of Thiva, Tebe, Greece.
Gilles Bruni documents his works on landescape, ecology of the place, people and their history in the following videos: "The rotting in the undergrowth" on material reuse, and "Waste land", on the practises of landscape ecology in public spaces.

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"grotesque 2 : an underground landscape

April - June 2014
Participation in the edition 2014 of the Contemporary Course of the City of Fontenay-le-Comte who is opened to the public from 12 till 20 September 2014. Having centered on the resonance between heritage and contemporary art, demonstration institutes a dialogue between today's works of art and the urban area which welcomes them: Home Chevolleau, Museum of the Vendée of Fontenay, Home Billaud, n ° 22, place Belliard.

On Saturday, July 12th in Saturday, September 20th.

[ + Read note of the installation ]

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In the garden of the house of the tale

To close three working years, the storytellers of the Laboratory 3, accompanied by Abbi Patrix and the artist-landscapist Gilles Bruni, prepared two parties when the worlds of India and of Land Art meet.

"Let us cultivate our garden! #2", The Home of Tale, Chevilly-Larue, Val de Marne, France.
From Friday, 27 till Saturday, June 28th.

Website: La Maison du Conte

[ + Read note of the installation ]

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Exhibition from January 11th till February 8th, 2014, private view on Saturday, January 11th from 17 h.
Artothèque Idéograf, Saint-Étienne.
Shutter 1 / Viviane clerk Barou, Gilles Bruni, Marie-José Morgat-Petit

Plan carried by Artothèque and accomplished between 2010 and 2012 (online Volume 1 and 2). Reflexion on war, having as starting point the letters of French soldiers in World War I
(website ideograf)

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"Some niches for being immersed into the wood of mapple trees"

October 2013

Participation in event “Créations sur-le-champ” 2013, which takes place this year from 16 till 20 October 2013 for the seventh year.
The place where takes place event, orchard of Mr Michel Robert, “the Pavilion of the apple” of the north side, located at the foot of the Mountain of Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada.

Dates: between 15 and October 19th, 2013.

[ + Read note of the installation ]

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"The encampment"

January, 2012 - September, 2013
As part of a residence organised by the Metropolitan area 'Artois Comm.' to the City of the Electricians, City of Bruay-la-Buissière, Giles Bruni led this residence for two years, with the active participation of groups which made live this plan and allowed to succeed the installation of the camping in the waste land of these historical miners' terraced houses before its rehabilitation.
On the occasion of "Courant Septembre", the event which will mark the final closing of the site and the beginning of jobs, the job of serat visible Gilles Bruni during a dozen days. At this occasion the public will be able to visit the site, participate in events and go through "Encampment".

On Tuesday, September 10th in Friday, September 20th in the City of the Electricians.

[ + Read note of the installation ]

Encampment Video 2013 (online the 9/6/2015):

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"vegetal ARRANGEMENT 2"

July - September 2013

As part of a residence organised by the Loire-Atlantique Departemnet in the castle of Clisson, Gilles Bruni, accompanied with Arnaud de la Cotte, follow their job on the question of the place of the plants in the ruins.
At this beginning of July, shutter 2 of this plan ends. To this occasion we invite you to come to exchange around this plan and to discover achievements.
To ours invitation, Amaury Bourget, imagined a sound installation for places.

On Saturday, July 6th at 16 h 30 in the castle of Clisson.

Blog :

[ + Read note of the installation ]

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May 26th September-30, 2013
At the crossroads of territories and of epochs, between forested and urbanised, agricultural zones, heritage and modernity, the departmental Domain of Chamarande is a microcosm where co-exist the diversity of circles and the transformations of the landscape. For exhibition Circles, a dozen of French and international artists invites you in (re)discover the diversity of the "circles" of this remarkable site by diving in her 98 hectares. The artists imagined outdoor installations, on the scale of the place, favouring meeting, discovery and distribution of experiments. Domain is so transformed into a true space of observation and of correlation with nature
where the visitors can experiment of new ways to in their environment and to live together.

The artists:
Brandon Bellanger, Frank Smith, Bruit du Frigo, Gilles Bruni, Christophe Clottes, Olivier Darné, Nicolas Floc'h, Etienne de France, Camille Goujon, Suzanne Husky, Nicolas Milhé, Liliana Motta, Laurent Tixador

Exhibitions with linked commissioner Coal

Website: http://chamarande.essonne.fr/productions-milieux-2013/

[ + Read note of the installation ]

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Août - octobre 2012

Dans le cadre d’une résidence organisée par le Département de la Loire-Atlantique au château de Clisson, Gilles Bruni, accompagné d’Arnaud de la Cotte, travaille sur la question de la place du végétal dans la ruine.
En ce début du mois d’août, la 1ère phase de ce projet se termine. A cette occasion nous vous invitons à venir échanger autour de ce projet et à découvrir l’état d’avancement des réalisations.
A notre invitation, Amaury Bourget, a imaginé une installation sonore pour les lieux.
Vous pouvez apporter votre pique-nique pour prolonger ce moment.

Mercredi 1er août à 12h au château de Clisson, entrée libre.

Blog :

[ + Read note of the installation ]

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Friendliness, ecology and life practices"

13 mai -30 septembre 2012

Le Domaine de Chamarande fait « Salons » autour de nouveaux dispositifs de convivialité, imaginés par des artistes et des architectes. Outre une réflexion sur les enjeux sociaux et globaux, ce nouveau salon se rapproprie une intelligence et une curiosité de son milieu. Il redevient un lieu d’échange d’acteurs désireux de bâtir ensemble une nouvelle culture du « local ». Plus que jamais, faire salon est une méthode. Inspirée de la culture du développement durable et de son approche co-créative, la consultation des parties en amont des décisions mise sur la complémentarité des acteurs au sein des projets. L’écosystème complet du Domaine devient ainsi l’enjeu même de l’exposition. 

Les artistes : Heather Ackroyd & Dan Harvey, Après vous (Nathalie La Hargue et Laurence Yared), Ivan Argote, Lise autogena et Joshua Portway, Brandon Ballengée, Pauline Bastard, Neal Beggs, Lilian Bourgeat, Thierry Boutonnier, Michel de Broin, Gilles Bruni, Betty Bui, Lucie Chaumont, Encore heureux, Didier Faustino, Nicolas Floch, Freaks architectes, Sylvain Gouraud, Hehe, Christina Hemauer & Roman Keller, Julien Prévieux, Olivier Kosta-Théfaine, Raum Architectes, Stefan Shankland, Superflex, Veit Stratmann.

Direction artistique : Lauranne Germond, Loic Fel et Clément Willemin, Coal.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

"Arpia 2011, Art with Landscape"

Avec Gilles Bruni (F), Masashi Echigo (JP/B), Rhodri Davies (UK), Els van Riel (B), Christelle Fillod (F), Jesse Cremers (B) et al.

Ouverture le 20/08/2011 à 11h, jusqu'au 09/10/2011, The old brick kiln, Kauwstraat 103, Sint-Lievens-Esse, Herzele, Belgium
Site Internet : www.arpia-art.be

+ Read note of the installation ]

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"Balance : go up - go down / go down - go up, change point of view to feel the marsh better"
Marsh of the Domaine de Chamarande, Essonnes, in link with the plan of management of the park.

+ Rea note of the installation ]

Présentation public dimanche 3 juillet 2011, jusqu'à fin décembre
[ + Site Internet ]

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Filmage on Thursday 30 of July 2020

The path in the undergrowth is a crossing, you can walk there for a long time under the cover of the grove. This is the matrix of this artistic work. The site becomes a place, the place declares itself on the ground as the accumulation of our passages; the litany of the first names ponctuates the walk.

Video showing wandering in Passages online 2020/08/11:

- - - - - - - - - - -

Hermitage / L'ermitage

De Gilles Bruni and Hestercombe Gallery

This publication documents the artist Gilles Bruni's residency at Hestercombe in summer 2018. Gilles Bruni was Hestercombe's first artist in residence.

Printed in a limited edition of 150.

+ Site Hestercombe Gallery

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Refuge : le carin des étendoirs
Autofilmage du mercredi 15 Mai 2019

Since 2015 I had worked on a specific aspect of the project "Campement" : The "carins"  dryer and et conservatory for plants which  came from products of the tents-working place  from "Campement", a set of shapes and actions developed over time which had fed on items found on the site itself and the people I met there.
The "Campement principle" was urgently needed to invest a place that escaped me - what is disappearing and we desperately try to save. Refuge refers in some way to an archeology of the plant.

Video of the "carin des plantes" on line 2019/07/02:

ideo of the "carin aux étendoirs" on line 2019/07/01:

- - - - - - - - - - - -

LA Margirondière
Autofilmage du mardi 11 juin 2019

Do not look for the Margirondière on a map, this name, it does not exist, or rather this place does not exist any more, the eponymous farm has been engulfed and lies at the bottom of the stream of Arcis, one of the arms of the lake. Beside, the current site has been invested, since the winter, with a group of employees of the Eclaircie insertion association. "We have learned to see it other than to simply cross it or evoke a mowing to be done or to make observations on the height of the water: we took the time of the winter, graphic, with its luminous transparencies; spring, exuberant, green, dense to the point of losing us in hide-and-seek games, come and tinker with it as a pretext to ask us here and there for no other purpose than to weave our relationship instead, to materialize it somehow."

Video on line 2019/06/17 :

- - - - - - - - - - - -


For the inauguration of the Cité des Electriciens on Friday, May 17th, in Bruay-la-Buissière, Refuge has been updated. The work is now accessible from May 18, date of opening to the public.

- - - - - - - - - - - -


From May 6 to 25: exhibition itinerancy Gilles Bruni and employees of Eclairicie at the art school of the city of Cholet (49).

Since Thursday, September 20, 2018, Gilles Bruni is artist residency at the Eclaircie, a structure of insertion by the economic activity of city of Cholet. He meets the teams of the association, accompanies them to immerse himself, and seeks to change the eyes of employees in the workplace. A blog allows you to follow, like a logbook, the peregrinations of building sites. Eventually we must imagine landscape interventions on a site on the shores of Lake Verdon which will give place, mid June, to a public presentation. Today it is at a presentation of this course that he named Itinerance, he invites us in an outdoor area to those practiced by the association, an opportunity for meetings with users and students of the school. art of the city of Cholet.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

The Hermit's Walk

French artist Gilles Bruni produces contextual based landscape works. He is particularly interested in the ecology of a place, its inhabitants and their history. At Hestercombe he is drawn to the Landscape Garden and the potential restoration of an eighteenth century ‘Hermitage’. For two weeks in July (9th – 22nd) he will become Hestercombe’s own Hermit’; building a shelter and reacting with visitors. Not only does this work relate to the history of Hestercombe but for the artist it also resonates with today’s migrant crisis.
On Thursday 12th July and Wednesday 18th July, Gilles will lead a walk to some of the hidden sites of Hestercombe. Sturdy footwear is recommended.

- - - - - - - - - - - -


From February the 24th to March the 11th: exhibition 'Circum Lacustre' from Gilles Bruni at the 'Grand-Lieu' 'Maison du Lac', rue du Lac à Bouaye (44).
During one year, by season in season, accompanied by the association l'Esprit du lieu, Gilles Bruni has surveyed the lake and his swamps to be inspired by it and create artistic and vegetable forms. It is the synthesis of this work which he presents us from February 24th till March 11th, at the
'Grand-Lieu' 'Maison du Lac'.

- - - - - - -
- - - - -

A la rencontre de la Grande-bloute

Meet the 'Grande Bloute', performance played during an artistic ride on swamps, on Saturday, October 14th, 2017 at 3:30 am, Locality La Tuilerie / Saint-Lumine-de-Coutais.

Residency 'Circum-Lacustre', l'Esprit du Lieu, Current project, since July, 2016, presentations planned in municipalities around the Lake in autumn, 2017.

Video on line 2017/10/2017:


To follow the residency, the blog :

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Le TransformAteur

DE Gilles Bruni et Aude Robert

Projet en cours à la S.I.B. au Transformateur à Saint-Nicolas-de-Redon. Une initiative commune débutée fin 2014 dans une friche industrielle du département de Loire Atlantique.

Video on line 2017/03/27:

- - - - - - - - - - - -

The Landing

An Earth Art Project: 24 Aug-31 Oct // "Antigonight" : 16-17 Sept, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Watch All-of-Us Society for Art Presentation's project, The Landing, Commemorating the installation at the Antigonish Landing in 2016 with internationally recognized earth artist, Gilles Bruni and ceramist Fenn Martin. The video was edited by Corinne Marie :

The Landing

- - - - - - - - - - - -

vegetal Arrangement, Castle of Clisson

gilles Bruni and Arnaud de la Cotte, with Jean-Louis Vincendeau (EDITIONS Joca Seria - 2015)

Arrangement " is an artistic experience led by Gilles Bruni accompanied with Arnaud de la Cotte as part of artists' residence in the Castle of Clisson from March, 2012 till October, 2013. During two years, by the enchantment of Arrangement, the castle filled up with seagoing characters between invention and reality, the gardener, the artist, the visitor, followed by the small underground crowd of the plants which live in the place. To the rhythm of seasons, 14 stations fanned out in areas divided by the ruins to offer a parallel history.
In the course of dialogue, they wonder about their report in the place, in the visitor and in the plant. In the course of pictures they rebuild the space of Arrangement, weave sometimes fine links with an intimate story of art and practice of Gilles Bruni. Jean-Louis Vincendeau, historian of art and of gardens, carries a poetic look on the whole plant Arrangement.

+ Website editor

- - - - - - - - - - - -


De Gilles Bruni et EMILIE SCHWARTZ

Video accomplished as part of a residence organised by the Metroploitan area 'Artois Comm.' in the City of the Electricians, City of Bruay-la-Buissière. Gilles Bruni led this residence between 2012 and 2013, with the active participation of groups which made live this plan and allowed to succeed the installation of the encampment in the waste land of these historical miners' terraced houses before its rehabilitation.

Video on line 2015/9/6 :

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"The Rotting in the undergrowth,
a way to recycle dead wood, cut or felled and let come decomposers, until humus

Interview "Milieux" 2013 (put 17/6/2013 online):

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"Garden nearly invisible"
(28 juil 2012)
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Gilles bruni in the castle of  clisson, suite (2) - (18 sept 2012)
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Jean-Louis Vincendeau's articles in BUD-UP

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gosnay,  the artistic experience at the taste of unfinished

Nathalie Blanc, Amaury Bourget and Gilles Bruni

Publication of the article in EspacesTemps.net
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Creation of 'B4 Collective'
september 2011

Nathalie Blanc, Amaury Bourget, Gilles Bruni et Philippe Brioude
(contact : b4collective@gmail.com)
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At a time when environment is in the middle of public concerns, "Écoplasties" introduces a panorama of protocols, problems and answers which artists of the whole world develop, each in their way, to consider environment in another way.

Work shows the diversity of steps and of question settings, both as regards the transformations of artistic practices, in proposals and productions, and the new reports in the environment which they implicate.

Artists' about twenty discuss so with the authors to explain their link specific for the question of environment.

These discussions are preceded of a broad introduction which, by offering a bet in historical perspective, allows to take all measure of this environmental art, its mutations and of its development of the beginning of this century in today.

Discussions with Ala Plastica, Van Lieshout workshop, Iain Baxter and, Gilles Bruni, Caretto e Spagna, Minerva Cuevas, Georg Dietzler, Mark Dion, Olafur Eliasson, Peter Fend, Peter Goin, Hans Haacke, Janet Laurence, Newton and Helen Mayer Harrison, Heather and Ivan Morison, Platform, Alexis Rockman, Ann Rosenthal, Stefan Shankland, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Herman de Vries

25 euros - 288 pages
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Worldwatchers 3 (BLACK JACK EDITIONS)

À l’heure des interrogations sur le réchauffement climatique et des risques environnementaux qui en découlent, les artistes, parmi lesquels Art Orienté Objet, Amy Balkin, Gilles Bruni, Seamus Farrell, Romain Pellas et Akira Sunrise, proposent une réflexion qui prend pour point d’ancrage le territoire bucolique de la vallée du Lot. Comment en est-on arrivé là ? Telle est la question qui se pose quand on compare cet environnement vierge de toute urbanisation à l’état des friches industrielles et des villes polluées. Dans cet ouvrage, on retrouvera des illustrations présentant les travaux exposés lors de cette manifestation. Celles-ci sont accompagnées de textes, parfois écrits par les artistes eux-mêmes, expliquant les démarches artistiques. Enfin, il s’agit d’un hommage au Land Art dont les œuvres d’art « géoplasticiennes » font du spectateur un acteur à part entière de la création. Et ainsi, selon Hicham-Stéphane Afeissa, « l’œuvre d’art peut bien être en attente de ceux qui sauront en recevoir la lumière. Elle peut bien être en état de veille, en situation de vigile, montant la garde à l’avant-garde. Veilleuse du monde. »

20 euros - 176 pages
Site de l'éditeur

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The Gardener,  The Excavator and the ARTIST, GILLES BRUNI (ZÉDÉLÉ ÉDITIONS)

7e publication de Gilles Bruni à paraître aux éditions Zédélé, Le Jardinier, la Pelleteuse et l'Artiste est publié en partenariat avec le Domaine départemental de Chamarande, à l’occasion de l’installation de l’artiste dans le parc.

5 euros - 20 pages - 18,5 x 26 cm - impression offset nb - brochure agrafée
[ + Lire la suite ] [ + Lire la fiche installation ]

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Grotesque, "Worldwatchers 3"