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With Marc Babarit

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The rotting in the undergrowth, a way to recycle dead wood, cut or felled and let come decomposers, until humus

May 26th September-30, 2013

At the crossroads of territories and of epochs, between forested and urbanised, agricultural zones, heritage and modernity, the departmental Domain of Chamarande is a microcosm where co-exist the diversity of circles and the transformations of the landscape. For exhibition Circles, a dozen of French and international artists invites you in (re)discover the diversity of the "circles" of this remarkable site by diving in her 98 hectares. The artists imagined outdoor installations, on the scale of the place, favouring meeting, discovery and distribution of experiments. Domain is so transformed into a true space of observation and of correlation with nature
where the visitors can experiment of new ways to in their environment and to live together.

The artists:
Brandon Bellanger, Frank Smith, Bruit du Frigo, Gilles Bruni, Christophe Clottes, Olivier Darné, Nicolas Floc'h, Etienne de France, Camille Goujon, Suzanne Husky, Nicolas Milhé, Liliana Motta, Laurent Tixador

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A work traversable, in a maze that must allow a narrower contact of the public walker with the stored wood, which will be gradually dressed in mushrooms, froths, sheltering a fauna…

Period of realization: in February-May, 2013.

Materials: 40 m3 of wood recycled of undergrowth surroundings, the cuttings down of maintenances and old stocks. Stakes in willows from the maintenance of the park.

Size: 60 in 3,5 m, 40 in 2,5 m and 60 in 1,5 m.

Participations: Pascal Parmentier, the gardeners of the Domaine, the association Khéops, the studients trainees of the school of fine arts of Versailles, Guillaume Péron, assistant, and Marek Niel, trainee.


I had spotted a potential space to set up a wooden circle on feet, tilted, debited, lying, and on the soil, inside, the rotting… But it was necessary to search and to find a place which enables to find convergence between accessibility to the public and conditions advantageous for the development of life which I wanted to stimulate.
The form of work becomes since then that of a traversable space, a labyrinth that has to enable a narrower contact of the walker with the wood stocked in a variable height and which is going to be progressively colonized by mushrooms, moss, and to shelter a specific fauna. A monitoring by the naturalist of the park will also allow to give an account of it in the course of time.
To get into contact with these wooden masses gives the occasion to receive transformations, to smell the odours which emanate from it, to observe forms of life linked to the deterioration, specific to this milieu : different decomposers feeds on it, up to their progressive digestion.
Here predominates the idea of cycle at the same time natural and linked to the fellings which leave on places of the uprooted trees and of the debited wood, and that consequently a recycling which takes place banally around us, in what we name "nature“… where it is a matter of the economy specific to this type of forested milieu.

Gilles Bruni, may 2013

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[ + ] The Rotting, middleof may 2013

[ + ] The Rotting, october 2013