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With Marc Babarit

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French Version

The Fontain, to recycle the shed for bringing water and preserve it


Histoires d'eaux - Histoires d'art 2007
("Stories of waters - Stories of art 2007")
Gréoux-les-Bains, Alpes de Haute Provence, France

Abandoned Shed done up in reservation of water; way of access crossing pebbles brought back by Verdon; buckets, sprinkling cans and washbowls to transport water; photographic Panel by way of instructions; panels put near the points of puisage.

Installation contained in an isosceles basic triangle about 30 m and about two sides 70 m; shed: 4 m wide x 2,5 of the height in the summit x 4,20 m of length, depth of the reservation of water 0,45 m; length way in the shed: about 32 m; 4 points of puisage down below in about 30 m for those of right and 35 m for those of left; 2 panels with pictogram taken up on gibbet in about 1,9 m; photographic panel of 100 x 80 cm taken up on stakes to 1,40 m of height; variable containers in number and in quality on a surface about 12 m ²

Water, covers, battens, screw factories, plywoods, pebbles of Verdon, photographs, stakes, variable containers in number: sprinkling cans, buckets, washbowls

Galaad Prigent (editions Zédélé), Cathy Azuelos (La Plaisance), Anthony Maurel and Amandine Schops (assistants), Jean-Claude Hottier and the team of technical services, Cyrille Lapoire, Alain Calvet


To accompany the installation, the publication of the photographs of the picture of a gesture to be fulfilled, in editions Zédélé
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The small abandoned shed, spotted close to Verdon, at the same time so close and so far since it is a question of routing some water, gives opportunity to install an implement loaded with stories. Containers are put in the disposition of the public to scoop out, transport and pour the water of the river into the shed. This manner of participating in the realization of a cycle returns in these simple gestures which signal offertory, a realization in act. The fountain is not without reminding of these ancient and country places of the crop and the stocking, it is this part of water preserved, kept in anticipation of needs. From there any loss asks for maintenance and for renewal to support the system. Loss, and conscience of loss, stimulates our attention. So much solicited, waited gestures, which remind then of environmental dependency. But these gestures also sign the conspiracy which aims at protecting itself of lack, even if the range of such act is more magical than efficient. Worship is domestic, unassuming there, and is not then without reminding of these reports maintained with godhead of waters. "Nymphée" in the campaigns where they would display his good while protecting it.

Gilles Bruni, mai 2007


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