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List of installations:

For a Landscape of Water
Publics Benches
The Fallen Tree
Collateral Gains
At the end ot the tunnel / Grotesque / Documentary
The Sand Quarry in the Mangrove Swamp
The Landing Place
Dialogue on Rainy Days
The Carter
The Foutain
The Waste land Carbolux
The Camp of l'Ermitage
The Barque
14 Benches face à face
The Home of Alders

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With Marc Babarit

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French Version

grotesque 2: an underground landscape
April - June 2014
Participation in the edition 2014 of the Contemporary Course of the City of Fontenay-le-Comte who is opened to the public from 12 till 20 September 2014. Having centered on the resonance between heritage and contemporary art, demonstration institutes a dialogue between today's works of art and the urban area which welcomes them: Home Chevolleau, Museum of the Vendée of Fontenay, Home Billaud, n ° 22, place Belliard.

"Parcours Contemporain 2014", City of Fontenay-le-Comte, Vendée, France.
On Saturday, July 12th in Saturday, September 20th.

Presentation text

At the crossroads of sculptural element and of natural environment, the achievements of Gilles Bruni are put under the sign of the transitional. The artist takes into account data of surrounding middle and of flow of time. He plays with the succession of seasons and the implementation of a process of production from ephemeral materials.lntegrating the persons living their history on the spot and, including many collaboration and partnerships, the artist blends his question setting of the landscape with the ecological dimension of the place in a large meanning.

In Fontenay, Gilles Bruni intervenes where he is not waited. Between the sky, the water and the earth, the artist invested the cellar of the Home Jean Chevolleau, spaces out in the underground imagination. By taking into account physical but also chimerical data of the place, he creates with natural elements a development which speaks of time and about history, about the job of the man and of that of elements, between struggle and complicity. Encircled with germinated potatoes, with mushrooms and with broyat of poplars of the banks of the Vendée river, a tracery of willow and of ash escapes from a small boat filled with water to join the garden, attracted by light.

The space lets foresee the world at the same time enchanting, mythological and ecological. The visitor is in intervening period. Between nature and architecture; between light and darkness; between life and death. In reference to Ia small boat of Charon, the nocher of Hell, "death would be for some deep dreamers the first trip" according to Gaston BacheIard in "The water and dreams". "For some dreamers, the water is the new movement who invites us to ever made trip. This material depart
kidnaps us from the material of the earth". Gilles Bruni gets us towards an unknown country.

Stéphanie Barbon, Responsable of Arts, Home Jean Chevolleau house, Fontenay-le-Comte


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